TRUECORE® steel Warranty

Homeowners who opt for steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel can be confident their homes are built to last.

Framing made from TRUECORE? steel

More than that, they enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their choice is backed by BlueScope Steel.

The BlueScope Steel Warranty

BlueScope Steel offers a warranty of 50 years on house framing manufactured from TRUECORE® steel.

This warranty applies only to the steel roof structure and wall framing components which are enclosed within the building envelope for domestic dwellings.

To estimate the warranty for your specific application or to apply for your warranty online, visit

Look for 'the blue'

TRUECORE® steel has a distinctive blue resin surface finish. It's your guarantee that it's the genuine article, specifically designed for use in residential framing.

And only TRUECORE® steel is made by BlueScope Steel, in Australia for Australian conditions.